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My wifes anal adventure stories

The horny moment

I want to play with your tits. I’m so horny again.. I miss your nice body. I want you to put your hair up in one or two ponytails when the kids are asleep. I hope you make some time for me. You offer yourself to me without a bra on. With a nice little thong instead of granny underwear. I want you to suck my dick hard while I hold your head. Very occasionally. You suck on my nipple while I turn myself on by playing with your nice tummy.
I’ll lick and finger you first until you’ve had enough. Then you can finger yourself while I gently go back and forth until you cum. After this I’ll neck you how you like it. Until I have a nice orgasm.

… we’re not done yet. We smoke a cigarette. We have a drink while watching one of my favorite anal sex porn movies. After +- 15 min. rest we continue again.
After the first time I can hold out better. You sit down on your knees and ask me to lick your asshole. After this I definitely feel like fucking again. I caught it horny to kiss you with the delicious taste of your ass.
After sticking my tongue deep into your hole again I grab the dildo and some lube to get your tight hole ready for my cock. In the meantime you can arouse yourself by fingering yourself.
With a lot of lube I put my cock a little bit in your ass first. You can finger yourself. After this, I’m slowly, but deeper and deeper into your behind. If you get used to me I can slowly really fuck you in your ass. If it gets too good, we’ll change the position. I want to try them all. I want you to fuck me stupid. On your back, on your side, on your knees and maybe it’s nice if you sit on me. Then you determine the pace and how deep. When we’re done I want to cum bareback in your ass. That gives an extra dimension.
After such a dazzling evening, I can move forward for weeks.
I will never in my life cheat on what we do together. I really enjoy the fact that I can have my way with you 😁. Just not as often as I’d like.
Hope you’ll want to do it with me 😘
I love you in a thousand different ways.

What happened later that week

As you did your hair and made ponytails, I knew this was my time to shine. You did not suck me, but I am keeping that on my whishlist. At first I sucked your pussy and did all I can do to make you cum stimulating your g-spot. You really wanted to fuck. But I said I wanted to suck your ass first. After I licked it good and put my tounge way in there you got horny. I started of wanting to put it in your vagina, but you isisted I’d fuck your ass first. You asked me to get the lube. So I put on the lube and gently I started to enter your asshole. And oh my god, it’s so tight. So I entered deeper and deeper so the tension around my knob is less. This way I hope to last longer, but my dick started throbbing. “Not so fast” you said.

“I will get on my knees and you will get to fuck my asshole.” So I did. I tried to fuck her ass like a pornstar, but unluckily the tightness of the deep asshole and the warmt got me to ejaculate faster than I was hoping. I was pushing my load deep in her ass. She said it was nice, but next time she wants it up the pussy. Every one out of two times she lets me fuck her asshole. My heatbeat goes up and I really get damn horny. That’s what she likes about it.

Last week

Last week I got to fuck her asshole again but I lasted longer, we tried a lot of positions, but she loves doggy the most.

I have got a specialrelationship with her ass, her chubby belly, big tits and her amazing asshole.

As a person she is pretty dominant, but in bed I love her submissiveness. I love to see her as my property in bed. (When she agrees to be dominated)

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Kim Velez is a great busty model, her huge dark nipples look like she is pregnant. I dig it.

These 36G (80G) big tits on this cute girl are very attracting to me. These big dark areolas around her nipples make her tits look like she is pregnant. They are amazingly wellformed. I would love to touch them. This sweet Colombian girl is only 140 lb (64 kg) that makes her pretty light for this website. But her titties make up for the lack of chubbyness. In the pictures she is only 26 years old from January 5, 1996.

Her braces make her look pretty young, but on her belly there is a line in the middle telleing me that she is a young mom. I have a thing for moms.

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Have a look at these amazing titties

They look so firm.

I’d love to have a horny wifey like this
Great to imagine I am there with her
I only give you the best of her trailers
Hell… I just can’t stop adding her videos…
She also ha an amazing ass. My god I’m horny
SOFIA DAMON, NATY & KIM VELEZ Rock my world now
Let’s keep her to her housewife duty
I just can’t leave this one out

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I am sure you would want to see more of her amazing goods.

I’d love to get her on my camera one day.

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One day I’d love to fuck hooters like these big milkers

In my early life I never have had real breastmilk. Maybe because of this I really get turned on by big tits. I like the huge ones the most. They need to be soft and natural. I even like the saggy ones.

The featured model of this post is Kitty Cute. She is damn cute indeed. She’s got great mommy features.

This Romanian hotty has got 34H (75H) cup natural boobs, she is 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m) and weighs 143 lb (65 kg). When she started off modelling with her big tits, I wasn’t that intrested, but as time went by she grew an amazingly nice cute belly. Now she fits all my fantasy wife needs.

Check it in this video:

Great for chubby wife fantasies

She is from April 11, 1989 (age 32 in 2022).

You can see that she has a really great fupa

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I would love to go on a sexy holiday with chubby Kitty Cute
Hooters like these are great for rubbing and fucking

In the pictures you can see Kitty Cute cooperate with a lot of nice models. Here are the names. Go check them out 🙂

Demmy Blaze
Kitty Cute with Erin Star and Helen Star
Codi, Sha Rizel, Kitty Cute, Alexya, Helen Star, Erin Star, Demmy Blaze and Daria

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Now I will leave you alone and give myself a good wank. As my big tits, chubby belly, anal loving, loyal sexy wife is asleap. I would love her to suck my dick sometimes. But I count myself lucky that she wants to have anal sex with me. And she does not mind me grabbing her fat all over her body.

I really love you sweetheart 😉

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I wish my wife was Peyton Thomas for a day

Hi honey, first of all I want to say that I absolutely love that I get to jerk off to you on porn. I’m so horny today. If you only knew how nice it is for me to play with my cock, you would definitely blow me more often. I enjoyed fucking you in the ass again a few days ago. But I don’t always have to be in your tight hole. I also just love to just fuck you in all kinds of positions so I can get a good look at and grab all your goodies. I also want to finger and lick you more often. You might like that with a dildo in your behind. I’m all yours.

You can also lick my ass once, maybe I like it. I got curious when you told me that you like it very much. But I’ll wash myself first. That’s something new. Will you come and caress your belly and your tits on my back? I’m really looking forward to it..

While jerking off, I came across this lady.

Great tits and a nice fat belly just like you. This lady has quite a bit more fat than you. I wish you could be as fat as her just for a few days. After I had my way on all her fatty sweetness and all of her holes until I wanted to stop, then I want you to have your delicious body back.

But for now I would love to undress her and feel the weight of heb breasts. They are amazingly large. I’d have her sit on the bed and feel mij dick between het juicebags. Then I will give her some cake with cream on top and put my dick in her mouth so she can clean my dick licking after that.

I’d love to stuff her fat mouth with icecream so she can give me an ice cold blowjow. I loe to see her eat when she sucks my dick. I would love to feel her cold tounge against my helmet all the way down to her warm throat.

Size 40-N… insane

40-N is an insane breast cup-size. I would love to feel them.

I would love to watch them move while fucking.

Nice shower bbw sex

I’d want to have her in all ways and look at this fat move all around. Feel the softness of her skin against my body

Amazing how she is so fat in all the right places. makes me want to cum

Want to see more?

Links to Peyton thomas’s websites: Pornmegaload and Xlgirls

great isn’t she?

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BBW sex stories about my 38yo MILF wife

BBW sex stories about my wife

My wife has a nice fat ass that I like to lick. Today I couldn’t sleep again because the thought prevailed to fuck her nicely.
I looked at her butt too much today. I like to hold her tight in crazy moments. Then I grab both big tits and push my dick hard against her soft ass. A few days ago she asked if I wanted to roll around with her.
I licked her first and while licking I squeeze her fat nicely. We went to fuck and I almost cummed quickly. For the distraction I turned her around and licked her asshole.
I also like to stop fucking in between and to look and feel her body. Then I like to tell her what I like about her.
First, her fat assHer plump lips and her handsome bedroom face

Her fluffy hanging belly

Her big tits

Her tight asshole

I love to dominate her in bed. She does what I want when I want to. I often grab her neck with 2 hands and squeeze gently. Also push her face down with my flat hand while fucking from behind. I also sometimes put fingers in her mouth. She finds this very exciting. She also enjoys it when I gently fuck her tight asshole. She always regrets that I come so quickly.

One week ago I fucked her asshole so deep that she had problems with her anus. I decided to give her asshole some rest. But I love to watch it move when I fuck her doggy style.

I fucked her like in a porn movie. She also loves this style of fucking. She loves to see me enjoy her body. We did lots of positions, hard, deep and slow. I was fucking her hard from behind when I came.

My orgasm wasn’t very strong, but I enjoyed the heavy ride. Perfect!

To give you an idea of what my wife looks like, I looked up a similar lady. Her name is Andi Ray. You can find her at: and

Here are some trailers:

Born:July 14, 1989 (age 31)
Years active:2018-
Bra/cup size:32F (70F)  (same as DDD cup)
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight:154 lb (70 kg)
Body type:Chubby
Shown:Topless, Bush, Full frontal
This is Andi Ray
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Alyson Galen is a super big tits BBW

Alyson Galen specs:

Weight: 180 lbs.

Size: 5′ or 150cm

Bra Size: 44F

Birthday: August 6

Ethnicity: White

Hair Color: Brunette

Body Type: Plumper

Location: California

This is an amazing girl to want to fuck. Mega tits and a cute big fat belly to grab. On the pictures it does not show, but on the movies her body really come to life. You can see all that humpy goodness. Just click the link below and find out for yourself..

Link to her bbw website

I am so fucking horny now! I want to fuck my wife so bad. Her big ass and cute bbw belly make me so hot. I lick her asshole every fuck. Every now and then she lets me fuck her asshole for a bit and I really dig that. I really try to put my tounge in her asshole as deep as possible. When she is relaxed I get really deep. I get in there beyond the anal muscle. She really has a clean asshole. And there seems to be no shit in there ever. She is like my dream wife.

When I fuck her asshole we allmost never use lube. I get so excited that my gland is moist and lubed by itself. I usually go in slowly as she gives me the instructions to not go too deep. She does not like that. Her asshole is so fucking tight. I go in and out the first part of her asshole. The texture and the tightness make my knob throb and pulsate.

But as we have a busy life she is tired a lot. I masturbate a lot, but I prefer jerking off with her. It gets me done much quicker than watching porn. I prefer grabbing her full body and feeling all her fatty goodness. I’d really love to make her have an orgasm more often.

I’d really love to fuck her asshole while she is on her back and try that for once. I can feel her warm inside around my dick while she masturbates. meanwhile I can look at her lovely face, tits and belly. And I can grab every inch of her body. I’d really love to get my big load of sperm deep into her ass.

Link to her bbw website

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Tessa Orlov BBW belly and tits goddess

Big belly wifey Tessa Orlov

This is a collection of the best pictures of chubby Tessa Orlov.

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Yesterday I spotted this beauty. I am wondering about her age and birthplace. I was directly mesmerized by her cute belly enormous well formed boobs and cute face. She looks like really good wifey material to come home to after work.

  • Born [dd-mm-yyyy]: 22-09-????
  • Birthplace: ?
  • First Seen: 2019
  • Measurements: 42-34-38
  • Body Type: Chubby, 79Kg 174Lbs
  • Height: 168 cm, 5 ft 6 in
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Breasts: Large (Real) 38G


Tessa Orlov reminds me of my wife. Big tits, big belly, big cute face and nice hips. And including her accepting dick in her asshole makes her super interesting.

At home my wife accepts me hitting her asshole more and more. When I get horny I allways start licking her asshole because I like this sweet asshole smell around my face. I try to put my tounge as deep as I can. This also relaxes her asshole before penetrating it. After this I like to kiss her and make her lick her own asshole smell. I love it!

My wife recently found out she likes the feeling of my dick entering the first part and retracting. I do not use any lube because I get so horny that I produce more than enough lube myself.

When I go on top of her when she is on her belly, my dick is allready hitting her tight asshole. With a little pressure I enter het hot behind as my wife relaxes her tight hole. At first I try tu use only the end of my penis.

I love the feeling of the raw anus skin on my glans as the first part is the most tight part. As time passes I get to shove my penis in a little more before retracting it again. I feel the hot and soft inside of her body. She allways tells me to be gentle at this point. At this point I love to take a break and feel her fat ass and hips and suck her neck. She loves it.

We both know that when I do a few strokes I will be so excited that I’ll fill her asshole with sperm.

Anal sex really gives me the feeling of dominating my wife. I love it so much. I am so happy that she is willing to accept my big cock in her tight hole. 🙂

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Anastasia Lux is a great brunette perfect chubby body pornstar

Anastasia Lux fucking by the pool in 2019 Anastasia Lux poolboy fantasy Anastasia Lux masturbating in red lingerie Anastasia Lux trio fuck Anastasia Lux big breasted trio fuck

Links 1 2 3

Latest video by the pool on January 16th, 2019 🙂

This girl Anastacia Lux is amazing. She has a big 36I (80I) (same as HH cup). I am happy to tell everyone that I got my wife pregnant again. She is looking great now. Her tits are growing and her ass is fat and round. But she does not want to fuck or have sex in any way. I am jerking off a lot these days, watching girls like my wife. If only she’d let me cum on her tits or lick her asshole, then I would be happier. Now I am happily watching other fatty girls with big butts.

I would accept her being totally disengaged while having sex or jerking off. That’s how desparate I am.. I started having fantasies about fucking my neighbour (the girl next door) again. I think she’d love to have a go on my tight fitness body with my big dong. I just love her cute face, blond hair and small tits.

Now I am watching a porn movie with this Portuguese beauty. My balls are slowly turning painfull as I stop my jerking off while typing this post. O, god I want to fuck her.

Anastacia Lux’s fine ass should be penetrated. I can’t remember her doing any anal scene.

Anastacia Lux, you are so hot! You deserve to have your own paysite. I wil fix it for you for free 🙂

Have a nice day! In my fantasy I am jizzing into her asshole


Pool fuck 2019
Anastasia big tits by the pool

Also known as: April
Born: November 19, 1986 (age 32) (Real age 35 years)
Lisbon, Portugal
Years active: 2014-present
Ethnicity: Portuguese, Angolan
Nationality: British
Measurements: 36HH-33-44 [1]
Bra/cup size: 36I (80I) (same as HH cup)
Boobs: Natural
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight: 210 lb (95 kg)
Body type: Curvy
Eye color: Green
Hair: Brunette
Underarm hair: Shaved
Pubic hair: Shaved
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal, Pink
Solo: Masturbation, Dildo
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal

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Not my typeNice assets, but no..Neutral, but I can do her on a desparate dayI would love to fuck with herI'd kill to fuck this gorgeous girl!! (2 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5)

Tiffany Star BBW is a cute BBW with small tits and a huge ass

Tiffany Star is a cute BBW with small tits and a huge ass Tiffany Star great belly bbw Tiffany Star small tits bbw Tiffany Star amazing big ass Tiffany Star great round bbw butt Tiffany Star great fat belly body Tiffany Star creamy bbw with small tits Tiffany Star bbw fingering Tiffany Star with a dildo Tiffany Star plump belly bbw Tiffany Star BBW with a viborator Tiffany Star BBW masturbating Tiffany Star BBW girl with a viborator in her asshole

Jeffmodels Link

Tiffany Star BBW

Tiffany Star BBW is a great looking BBW. What I love most about her is her big booty in combination with her big creamy belly. When I watched her pornmovie, I was stunned by her big round ass. So damn fat. Watching her is like watching a premium car but with a bit of a crazy swing to it. Her titties are so small that you can easily think of her as a young pornstar. I would love to watch her perform with pigtails in her hair.

I would totally wanna dig my face between her asscheeks.

Her breasts are uneven and her face isn’t the hottest face ever. Maybe that’s why I can dominate her in my fantasy. I would really like to fuck her for money because I want to use her big fat round ass. SHe will be on her knees and I will force her head down on the bed.

In this position I love to fuck and grab her belly to feel the heavy fat. And because I want to dominate her, I want to cum on her face

Watch video!

Tiffany Star BBW 
Porn Star
Feature Dancer:
Country of Origin:
 United States
Province / State:
FL – Florida 
Place of Birth & Date of Birth:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
163 cm – 5 feet and 4 inches 
Small natural
Lower back; both hips; “Your Name” on right butt cheek; 
Clit; navel 

Jeffmodels Link

Not my typeNice assets, but no..Neutral, but I can do her on a desparate dayI would love to fuck with herI'd kill to fuck this gorgeous girl!! (2 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5)

Best boobie beauty Cheryl Blossom 20yo Russian chubby girl with enormous 34K (75K cup size) tits

She is so sweet Cheryl Blossom voluptuous Russian girl Cheryl Blossom giant fuckbags Cheryl Blossom her tits just kept on growing Cheryl Blossom mega tits Cheryl Blossom red dress big curves Cheryl Blossom showing her huge boobies Cheryl Blossom bad girl Cheryl Blossom innocent look Cheryl Blossom chubby young girl Cheryl Blossom schoolgirl uniform Cheryl Blossom big nipples Cheryl Blossom is hot 34K (75K) size tits for Cheryl Blossom Cheryl Blossom big natural hooters Cheryl Blossom showing her big tits Cheryl Blossom naughty girl Cheryl Blossom is a perfect voluptuous scoolgirl I want Cheryl Blossom on my knob Cheryl Blossom with hot pigtails and huge breasts Cheryl Blossom has a sweet face and a perfect body I want to fuck this russian Cheryl Blossom

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Russian chubby girl story

Personally I think this Russian chubby girl is the best schoolgirl I’ve ever seen. If she will have a career in porn, she will become most wanted actress in the world. She is so damn perfect. I hop that next year, when she is 21 years old, this Russian chubby girl wil enter the studio for het first porn.

And I want to be the first one to buy her movie. She looks pretty confident and I think she is in it for the cash and the fun.

Her sexy russian accent makes me want to fuck her even more because russian girls are sayed to be taking care of all her husbands needs.

My wife just sent me down to watch porn. This leaves me fantasizing about fucking other women. Especially thick women with big asses and their assholes. Watching porn and jerking off is very pleasant to me.


24 years Real age today


Born: May 5, 1998 (age 20 in the pictures) Russia

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: Russian


Measurements: 33K-30-44

Bra/cup size: 34K (75K)

Boobs: Natural

Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)

Weight: 187 lb (85 kg)

Body type: Voluptuous

Eye color: Blue

Hair: Blonde


Shown: Topless

Cheryl Blossom links: 1 2 3

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