Not my typeNice assets, but no..Neutral, but I can do her on a desparate dayI would love to fuck with herI'd kill to fuck this gorgeous girl!! (1 votes, average: 1.00 out of 5)

BBW sex stories about my 38yo MILF wife

BBW sex stories about my wife

My wife has a nice fat ass that I like to lick. Today I couldn’t sleep again because the thought prevailed to fuck her nicely.
I looked at her butt too much today. I like to hold her tight in crazy moments. Then I grab both big tits and push my dick hard against her soft ass. A few days ago she asked if I wanted to roll around with her.
I licked her first and while licking I squeeze her fat nicely. We went to fuck and I almost cummed quickly. For the distraction I turned her around and licked her asshole.
I also like to stop fucking in between and to look and feel her body. Then I like to tell her what I like about her.
First, her fat assHer plump lips and her handsome bedroom face

Her fluffy hanging belly

Her big tits

Her tight asshole

I love to dominate her in bed. She does what I want when I want to. I often grab her neck with 2 hands and squeeze gently. Also push her face down with my flat hand while fucking from behind. I also sometimes put fingers in her mouth. She finds this very exciting. She also enjoys it when I gently fuck her tight asshole. She always regrets that I come so quickly.

One week ago I fucked her asshole so deep that she had problems with her anus. I decided to give her asshole some rest. But I love to watch it move when I fuck her doggy style.

I fucked her like in a porn movie. She also loves this style of fucking. She loves to see me enjoy her body. We did lots of positions, hard, deep and slow. I was fucking her hard from behind when I came.

My orgasm wasn’t very strong, but I enjoyed the heavy ride. Perfect!

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Born:July 14, 1989 (age 31)
Years active:2018-
Bra/cup size:32F (70F)  (same as DDD cup)
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight:154 lb (70 kg)
Body type:Chubby
Shown:Topless, Bush, Full frontal
This is Andi Ray
Not my typeNice assets, but no..Neutral, but I can do her on a desparate dayI would love to fuck with herI'd kill to fuck this gorgeous girl!! (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

My wife rejects me, but I am going to jerk off next to her in the bed

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My wife rejects me, but I am going to masturbate next to her in the bed

Here’s what I did

I sat down naked on the bed and turned on the lights. My dick was hard as a rock. I grabbed my phone and I put on a porn movie with great anal sex. I turned up the volume. As I jerked off the whole bed was shaking. She opened her eyes and she smiled, but turned around. She accepted me grabbing her ass while jerking off for a few seconds before she got mad, so I left her alone.

I jerked off all by myself. The next night she made sure she gave me a great fuck. I told her that I was allready looking at other women because I was horny for a few days.

I was pretty confused by her disappointing me day after day. I was fantasizing about having sex with my colleague. She is allmost as hot as my wife but also very kinky. She has a great massive ass.

But now I am totally dedicated to my wife again. Except for jerking off at porn. But I see that as quality me-time.

Amazing Sarah Rae BBW big tits cute fat belly

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My story about Sarah Rae

I just got a flash of a fantasy to tie Sarah down to the staircase pole with pink fluffy handcuffs wearing nothing facing the stairs. This will give me the power to grab her any way I like. She will totally be in my control. I’d start off grabbing her heavy tits and pinching her nipples. I would get under her arms and bounce her tits on my face.

After this I will get behind her. I will gently slide my finges up and down her thighs. When she does not expect I’ll smack her ass hard. This will scare her. Her heartrate will go up and all her senses are fully activated.

Next I will grab her hips firmly and pull her ass towards me. I will make her walk backwards as far as she can. She will grab the pole and she will bend over forward. I will spend a little time watching her with her ass at my disposal. I will take off my clothes and look at her fat hanging belly. I’d walk towards her and talk dirty in her ear about how I like her fat hanging belly. I’d tease her getting behind her and pushing my hard cock on her cheeks and grabbing her perfect fat belly with both hands. I will squeeze and shake it. I will bite her neck.

When she gets excited I stop. I am going for some lubricant. I will fill my hand with a fair amount of lube to rub her vagina first. I will be rubbing her clit fairly hard. As she gets excited, I will stop again. I will take some lube again and rub it on her ass. As I get to her asscrack I will rub it hard to feel the texture of her anus. I will force my middlefinger deep into her asshole. I will grab her by her throat. I will pull her up and whisper in her ear:“I am going to fuck your ass, and you will like it.” She is not in the position to reject me.

I will take a hand full of lube and grab her by the tits. I will rub her tits up and down as I push my dick onto her wet ass and asscrack.

I will start stroking her between her cheeks with my dick. I will rub her tis upward untill the slide down and fall. With this weight I will feel her whole body shake as her tits fall down. I will tell her to stand up straight with her ass slightly backwards. As she doesn’t expect it I will smack her ass again. I will hold her ass with two hands and push my dick sliding on her anus. Again I will put on some lube on my dick and force my middlefinger deep in her anal cavity to locate it. With the same hand I will push and move my dick up and down untill I find the sweet spot. The spot where my dick will find its way into her ass. I feel her body tence up, she’s telleing me to take it slow. I will.

I will keep pushing my dick on her asshole, but I will push in and retract as I feel my dick sliding in deeper every stroke. I love the feeling of her tight asshole pushing on my knob. As my knob is getting thrue the circular muscle I know I can stroke deeper. But I will not. I like to slide my knob in the firs part of the anus. After this I like to lick her asshole as it is open and soft. I can get my tounge in there deep.

I truely love the smell. I will start penetrating her asshole all over again. This time I will go all the way in. I will finger her while my dick is inside her ass. As she gets to an orgasm I will feel her anal muscles contract around my dick.

After this I will fuck her hard. I will tell her that I love fucking her asshole. I will cum deep in her asshole. I will tell her that I’m not finished yet. And keep her chained to the stairs, butt naked, for the next round. I will grab a beer and watch her to get horny again. I will start to jerk off and ask her to watch me.

Sarah Rae Bio

Also known as: Busty Sarah Rae
Born: June 27, 1989 – 32 years
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Bra/cup size: 36K (80K)
Boobs: Natural
Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Weight: 190 lb (86 kg)
Body type: Curvy
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brown Long
Underarm hair: Shaved
Pubic hair: Full
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal, Pink
Solo: Masturbation, Dildo
Boy/girl: Blowjob


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Not my typeNice assets, but no..Neutral, but I can do her on a desparate dayI would love to fuck with herI'd kill to fuck this gorgeous girl!! (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

My wife rejects me as I want to make love to her

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My wife rejects me as I want to make love to her

My marriage is really under a strain right now. My wife doesn’t want to be there for me. She rejects me as I want to fuck her. So every day I am jerking off looking at other women to minimise my sexual frustrations. In some way it gets me frustrated again by not having real sex as I watch pornstars fuck the most attractive chubby and bbw girls.

I am fantasizing how it would be to be loved by a girl. I want someone to adore me and my body. I want the tension and love. I want to get dirty..

My wife is extremely hot. I love all of her. Actually I want to make love to her and not to someone I don’t know. But having no sex at all is no option for me. My wife is tall, got some amazing big breasts and a phat ass. She is naturally blond and has big lips. She looks pretty horny no matter what she wears. 

I hear myself look into options for other women that I can make love with, but none of them is worth the risk. I will start fantasizing about fucking a hot BBW hooker and look for one. If I find her and my wife still rejects me, I will fuck a phat ass young prostitute.

I will make myself a dirty secret. Today me and my wife were talking about not having sex. She says that she wants it, but there is allways a reason not to have it. I will jerk off now behind the computer and again in 20 minutes in bed with her. I want to make her feel mu urge. Yesterday I did that and she became angry. Right now I am in the mood to get angry. I won’t force her but I am in a state that I could fuck her armpit and enjoy it.

I allready told her about my frustration. Maybe she will realize that I am dead serious about it. I also told her that I would look for other girls if she keeps rejecting me. I guess she was angry about it but she didn’t show. This makes me feel like it’s okay to fuck other girls als long as I do it secretly. I told her that it would release my sexual frustrations. So that will be comfortable for her. I deliberately upped my porn movie volume to trigger her. Now I am gonne get to an orgasm and watch some more porn for the bed scene in 20 minutes.

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