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Tessa Orlov BBW belly and tits goddess

Big belly wifey Tessa Orlov

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Yesterday I spotted this beauty. I am wondering about her age and birthplace. I was directly mesmerized by her cute belly enormous well formed boobs and cute face. She looks like really good wifey material to come home to after work.

  • Born [dd-mm-yyyy]: 22-09-????
  • Birthplace: ?
  • First Seen: 2019
  • Measurements: 42-34-38
  • Body Type: Chubby, 79Kg 174Lbs
  • Height: 168 cm, 5 ft 6 in
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Breasts: Large (Real) 38G


Tessa Orlov reminds me of my wife. Big tits, big belly, big cute face and nice hips. And including her accepting dick in her asshole makes her super interesting.

At home my wife accepts me hitting her asshole more and more. When I get horny I allways start licking her asshole because I like this sweet asshole smell around my face. I try to put my tounge as deep as I can. This also relaxes her asshole before penetrating it. After this I like to kiss her and make her lick her own asshole smell. I love it!

My wife recently found out she likes the feeling of my dick entering the first part and retracting. I do not use any lube because I get so horny that I produce more than enough lube myself.

When I go on top of her when she is on her belly, my dick is allready hitting her tight asshole. With a little pressure I enter het hot behind as my wife relaxes her tight hole. At first I try tu use only the end of my penis.

I love the feeling of the raw anus skin on my glans as the first part is the most tight part. As time passes I get to shove my penis in a little more before retracting it again. I feel the hot and soft inside of her body. She allways tells me to be gentle at this point. At this point I love to take a break and feel her fat ass and hips and suck her neck. She loves it.

We both know that when I do a few strokes I will be so excited that I’ll fill her asshole with sperm.

Anal sex really gives me the feeling of dominating my wife. I love it so much. I am so happy that she is willing to accept my big cock in her tight hole. 🙂

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