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Hot curvy Ivana Bell girl next door

This is a great example of a hot girl that’s great to fuck, but she is to horny. She’s fucking all the guys from the block. She’s no relationship material. Just a horny curvy fuckslut. The fear of all wifes. She will hunt down your man and swallow his cum, fuck in her ass and make all his dreams come true. She’s the kind of girl tah married man dream of.

I’d love to give this hot chubby girl some action on a regular basis. I’d pay her good money. I could even find a way to hire her as my secretary to work on my desk for some bonus money. She could sure help me out with some executive action.

I will be working overtime with her. She does the things my wife refuses to. So I guess that makes sense. It’s not fair, but this is the best way to be happy in my relationship.

Knowing that most women rather read a book than have sex. I guess most men will agree with me. Having a muse can feel like a must to keep your wife happy. Because she doesn’t has to have sex with you on a regular basis.

It’s great to having a shower at your workplace 😉

I am really fantasizing about fucking my curvy colleague on the fitness machines in the basement after making hard descisions with her as she is my businesspartner. Relieving the pressure in many ways. I love dirty girls with a cute belly and a firm big ass. I’d bet she’d even lets me fuck her in the ass..

Here are some photo sets of a very cute chubby girl with a totally curvy body. This girl looks cute and knows how to work it. Hope that you enjoy it.

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