I wish my wife was Peyton Thomas for a day

Hi honey, first of all I want to say that I absolutely love that I get to jerk off to you on porn. I’m so horny today. If you only knew how nice it is for me to play with my cock, you would definitely blow me more often. I enjoyed fucking you in the ass again a few days ago. But I don’t always have to be in your tight hole. I also just love to just fuck you in all kinds of positions so I can get a good look at and grab all your goodies. I also want to finger and lick you more often. You might like that with a dildo in your behind. I’m all yours.

You can also lick my ass once, maybe I like it. I got curious when you told me that you like it very much. But I’ll wash myself first. That’s something new. Will you come and caress your belly and your tits on my back? I’m really looking forward to it..

While jerking off, I came across this lady.

Great tits and a nice fat belly just like you. This lady has quite a bit more fat than you. I wish you could be as fat as her just for a few days. After I had my way on all her fatty sweetness and all of her holes until I wanted to stop, then I want you to have your delicious body back.

But for now I would love to undress her and feel the weight of heb breasts. They are amazingly large. I’d have her sit on the bed and feel mij dick between het juicebags. Then I will give her some cake with cream on top and put my dick in her mouth so she can clean my dick licking after that.

I’d love to stuff her fat mouth with icecream so she can give me an ice cold blowjow. I loe to see her eat when she sucks my dick. I would love to feel her cold tounge against my helmet all the way down to her warm throat.

Size 40-N… insane

40-N is an insane breast cup-size. I would love to feel them.

I would love to watch them move while fucking.

Nice shower bbw sex

I’d want to have her in all ways and look at this fat move all around. Feel the softness of her skin against my body

Amazing how she is so fat in all the right places. makes me want to cum

Want to see more?

Links to Peyton thomas’s websites: Pornmegaload and Xlgirls

great isn’t she?

Not my typeNice assets, but no..Neutral, but I can do her on a desparate dayI would love to fuck with herI'd kill to fuck this gorgeous girl!! (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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