Real life story about yesterdays anal sex with my wife

My own dick

Real life story about yesterdays anal sex with my wife

It all started when I went to bed as my wife had a meeting this night. I was horny and I texted her that I wanted to do 69 with her and more.

When she came home she texted me that she’d be in bed pretty soon. She promissed me to have sex with me yesterday. So I hoped for the best.

As soon as she got into the bed I pulled off her panties. I complimented her on her ever so attractive body. I went on top of her. My dick was instantly hard. I kissed her neck. She told me I was to heavy for her. I asked her to turn around.

She has an amazing ass because when I lie down on her my dick allways ends up pushing my knob up against her asshole. This got me so horny that I produced a lot of precum, which is perfect for lubrication. Immediately I started pushing my knob in the sweetspot. I was pushing it and relaxing it on and off.

As I kissed her neck and shoulders my breath got heavy as I was horny as hell. My dick was pushing its head into her tight asshole fairly slowly inch by inch. When I pulled back I got the sence of a sweet smell of her anus. I love it. (For those who are not into anal sex, this doesn’t smell like shit, but I think it’s a pheromon thing. Research shows that most humans have anal glands releasing pheromones just like with dogs.)

As she played with her asshole tension she was kind of jerking me off with her asshole. I allmost came just yet. She told me that I couldn’t go in all the way because it was not wet enough. Luckily I had some lubricant in the bedroom. I put it on my dick and on her asshole. I pushed in two fingers to feel te tension of her asshole. I put on a condom in the hope that I wouldn’t come as fast as usual when fucking her asshole.

As I looked down on her ass grabbing her butt, I wanted to fuck her asshole so bad. I took a good look where to put my dick and started to enter her. I think it’s amazing feeling my dick disappear in her ass. The first part, you need to push against the basic asshole tension. It feels so great to feel her asshole tension moving up my dick as I push it in. Without a condom he first part is amazing where you feel the slightly harder skin rubbing your knob. If I stay there for too long I’ll start ejaculating right away.

After this stage you will really enter her soft and fluffy inside. Her tight anus is still squeezing your dick. OMG. It’s so hot in there. She told me to take it slowly, but the lubricant made me slide in pretty fast. That’s when she said “that’s why I don’t like this”. It hurts. To give her statement some extra power and to honour my 18 cm/7 inch dick this is a nice picture of it.

My own dick

I layed myself down on her and started to slowly work my dick deeper in there. As I was in half way. I took a short break. I was breathing heavily down her neck. I felt the tension of her tight asshole.

I asked her to finger her. As I was fingering her she said:”let me do it myself.”

As she started to like her own work, her asshole was pushing me out, so I pushed in in deeper. It was so tight. Because she squeezed hard with her anus, I couldn’t hold my ejaculation. I could no longer stop the feeling. My orgasm was amazing because I was so damn frisky.

I wasn’t even fully in yet. I allways have that problem.

Does this sound recogniseable for other men or women? How can I solve this?

With anal sex I allways come to fast. I think I come so fast that she doesn’t get the chance to learn to enjoy it. She says she does not like anal sex. Bu I do. I thanked her for it.

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