Real men like chubby girls

Chubby girls cuddle better Big and beautiful, fat and fabulous, heavy and hot, plump and pretty curvy and cute Love a chubby girl The thicker the thighs, the sweeter the prize A tiny body couldn't store all this personality My butt is bigger than my heart i'm not overweight I flucuate between chubby and curvy quote Beauty doesn't have a weight limit some of us just jiggle more than others

Real men like chubby girls

Why real men like chubby girls

I started off this website because I truely love some extra fat on them ladies. I guess my nature loves it because the extra big butt and big tits stand for motherhood and giving birth easily. While jerking or fucking I don’t care about making kids. I am just constantly amazed by the feeling of the soft extra’s. I love to watch and feel them making waves on my impact. When I’m out with my girlfriend, she knows that I’m constantly screening the mass looking for big butts. She accepts it as long as I don’t watch too long. I look around and see all the guys trying to have a peek. As my GF has an amazing ass I grab it all the time. Especially as I notice someone watching.

Chubby stands for me that a girl is well fed and has an easy life. She loves nice sensations and as is she’d probably love sex. As I am a dominant male, I think about sex all the time and use it to relieve tension. It distracts me from all hard decisions and everyday work issues I have.

Having a  chubby girl at home makes me wanna fuck like every day. My dick gets hard watching her cook, cleen and even when she relaxes. I look at her big hips and round ass an it makes me wanna fuck.

As I am a healthy male I jerk off every other day or more.

One more tip for the girls:

If he wants to grab your extra belly fat, just let him and look at him as he truely gets horny grabbing it.

They are like extra exciting because it shows that you trust him with your most voulnerable parts. If you do, please be confident about it. Guys truely love some extra lovehandles!

I personally love some tapping, rubbing, hitting and shaking because it increases the sensation of the softness and structure of the fat.

Finally I want to motivate you to be proud of what you have and embrace the curves. He chose you for that. There is nothing that gets me off like a confident girl showing her curves and being okay with them being there. This way you can both enjoy all your extra femininity.

That’s why I call my GF supergirl! She lets me squash my face between her cheeks while licking her crack and pussy. She lets me grab her bellyfat as she knows it gets me off and I like to play with her heavy tits. As she lets me fuck her anus once in a while I will never touch another girl again… ever! Fantasy is just fantasy.

Chubby girl motivation quotes

A final word

For all the girls I’d like to say (as the numbers on my website say that at least 35% of my website visitors are female) Enjoy my horny sex stories and know that there are millions of guys out there waiting to get their hands on a girl with big assets. If you’re looking for an adventure, options are endlessly.

If you won’t embrace your body, I’d be willing to 😉

And for all the guys, have fun jerking off looking at these amazing women. Because that’s what men do girls!


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