Tight teen girl Addison nude fitness

Tight teen Addison nude fitness

Tight teen girl Addison nude fitness

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In between jerking off at fat ladies I sometimes wonder how it would be fucking a tight ass coed. A tight teen girl like Emily18 or Addison from FTV seem like they are a really tight fit for my big dick. They have a skin softer than have ever experienced. First I will check if she is old enough to fuck.  It’s a joy watching a girl like this work out. I’d like to undress her myself and tell her how special this experience is for me. I’d tell her all my dirty fantasies. Fucking her once will not do because I imagine her being so tight that I will come very fast the first time.

Imagine to enter her vagina very softly. She is very moist because she is very excited, but still you have to push it in. It allmost feels like she is pushing you dick out. She will be very silent to experience it all. I will start fucking her slowly and push in my dick as far as I can feeling her cervix mouth. As you can hold her small butt and lift her from the bed.

It’s a real pleasure to touch her annywhere and feel that she is tight in every aspect. She has sweet perky tits waiting to b grabbed. I want to make her come first so I finger her while moving in and out of her.

In my fantasy we’ll end up like this:

sex position

First I will be holding her waist. So I can look at her sweet face making sure that I’m not hurting her and I look at her amazing body. As I will come, I’ve got one hand an her tight tittie and one hand grabbing her by the throat and gently squeeze it so I can hear her breath. She will really feel dominated by me. 

After that I will kiss and cuddle her for hours on end. It will be a pleasure for us both.

Find more Addison on FTV

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